Stedetrad Steel Ltd was incorporated in 2005 with a remit for steel trading in HMS 1 & 2 between the UK and the Asian markets. Stedetrad Steel Ltd, UK offices are strategically placed in Trafford Park, Manchester, in the heart of post industrial North West England. This strategic location enables Stedetrad Steel Ltd to offer its customers a fast, reliable delivery of UK derived HMS 1 & 2 at a competitive price. The benefits for our customers is a guaranteed supply, up to 2,000 M/T of quality product, an established and reliable source and a logistically tried and trusted supply route.

International Offices

Stedetrad Steels Ltd also has its international offices in Hong Kong as well as in Dubai and any face to face meeting can be appointed there, by arrangement. (Contact by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Shipping routes

Shipping of Stedetrad Steel Ltd, HMS 1 & 2, is usually from Liverpool Docks to Asia via the port of Dubai. Banking facilities Stedetrad Steels Ltd has overseas trading accounts with the following banks:

1) UK - Royal Bank of Scotland plc

2) Dubai – Standard Chartered Bank

Trade requirements

To trade with Stedetrad Steel Ltd our overseas customers will be required to acquire a TLC, Letter of Credit, bank guarantee or transfer of cash, to be arranged via the customer’s own issuing bank. As there are different types of Letters of Credit, it is important that the customer, (importer), ensures that the Letter of Credit is Transferable.

Industry Excellence

We have a wide range of quality mixed metals and an excellent logistics service.

From Aluminium to Zinc, Gold to Scrap Metal, wherever you are in the world we can supply your needs from our Head Office in Manchester to our Satellite offices and depots around the world..

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Experts in the field

Our Premier Team aims to deliver an exceptional level of service, no matter where you are in the world.

You can be confident in dealing with our experienced executive team who have a hands-on understanding of the metals trading industry, and are respected for their expertise.

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Global Affairs

The Stedetrad Steel Legal Group has an international pedigree with over 25 years experience.

Be confident in dealing with a company with an excellent legal team and are widley respected in their field.

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